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Distracked is a web application that was developed as a group of 4 during the Reboot Factory workshop.


The goal was to create a web application based on a simple idea in order for us to learn how to create responsive designs and mobile friendly interfaces.

Perspective preview of the distracked application
Iphone mockup of the distracked application


We had to find an idea, we spent the first day with that and we could find an agreement quite fast. The idea being there, we applied the work process that we learned. We started by listing the needed functionalities and worked our way trough to keep only the most important stuff, we incorporated some potential users and their opinion to maximise the result. In the next step we created prototypes that we tested on a few people, this helped us improve and sort out some functionalities that weren't understood.

For the rest of the process, we distributed the work within the team. The visuals were made and the site coded within a good timeframe thus we had a decent amount of time to fix bugs.


This workshop was a real pleasure, we had a great atmosphere within the team, everybody did his work and we didn't face too much trouble during the work.

The main aspect that I learned in this one is definitely that a team work is always better than a solo work. You have to have a team in order to take big projects to the next level. In addition, I obviously learned a lot about how to conceive interfaces for mobile devices and how to make responsive code.

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